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To participate in any of the Unbuckled tournaments, you must first create an account, then join or create an Unbuckled team.  Please note that to participate in any of The Games, you do not need to join a team.

Creatin’ a team: After you’ve created a team, enter the first names and email addresses of up to 15 people ya want to invite and an email will be sent to em with instructions on how to join yer team.  Ya need a minimum of 8 people on yer team in order to register fer the Unbuckled Tournaments.

Joining an existin’ team: To accept an invite from an existin’ team, click on the direct link in your invitation email, create an account and then y’all see a confirmation you’ve automatically joined that team.  If ya have the secret password from a team captain y’all can also join directly from the teams page when logged in.

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