Problems that Might Appear while Ordering an Essay in 3 Hours

Writing essays can be quite troublesome especially if you have a time limit to beat. This is the main reason why a lot of students nowadays rely on ready-made essays that can be ordered online. However, there are a few problems that may arise when you order your essays online. The top five problems that you may encounter when you order essays online are outlined in this paper.

Why Do People Buy Essay Online?

There are a lot of reasons why people buy an essay online on the websites like or Majority of those who do so do it because it saves them time, especially if you are only given a few hours, let’s say three hours, to finish it. There are cases where three hours is not enough to think, organize, write, and finalize an essay that will ensure good grades. Hence, people buy essay writing service for their paper. It could also be because they are not confident enough with their own writing skills, so they order essays instead. However, despite the clear advantages, there are also some problems that cannot be avoided.

Common Problems that You can Experience with Ordering Essays

            There are a lot of problems that you can experience once you decide to buy your essay online. Here are the top 5:

  • Low-quality output. One of the greatest risks that you can experience when you decide to buy an essay is that the quality may not be always good. This is especially true if you plan to buy cheap essays. If you really want a good essay that is free of any errors in grammar, plagiarism, and more, you need to pay more which leads to the next problem, cost.
  • Excellent quality is expensive. Excellent quality essays are expensive. If you want to buy essay without plagiarism, grammatical errors, good organization, and coherence, then you need to hire experts to do that job. The problem with essay writing services is that the level of expertise you get from a certain writer depends on the amount you pay. Writers with doctorate degrees and other major assets to ensure excellent work cost a ton higher than those newbie writers who are also students like you that need part-time jobs or those who are not native English speakers.
  • Miscommunication with instructions. When you decide to buy essay now, you need to consider the possibility of miscommunication between you and your writer, especially if you are communicating via a mediator, mostly the company. You cannot really discuss and go over topics and other concerns with your writer with ease. There is a tendency that the writer will end up giving you low-quality
  • Unqualified writers. Some writing services ask details of your topic and post it as a thread in a pool of writing assignments for writers to choose from. If you paid a cheaper price, only writers who are not that picky about the jobs they take, and the pay will mostly be the ones to do your job. The selected writer may not be as knowledgeable as needed on that topic. If this happens, then the quality and your grade will be jeopardized.
  • No learning. If you buy an essay online, you will not be the one who will do the researching, reading, and writing. This means that the information that you will gather will only be based on what is written on your paper and there are no supporting details. If your instructor asks you to explain your essay, your explanation will be superficial since you will base its solely on the essay. But, if you did everything yourself, you will be able to provide more details and expound your explanation beyond your paper.


            As much as you can, do your essay on your own. This is because when you rely on the easy ready-made essays that you can easily buy from online writing services, you are not sure about the final output. There is also danger that your teacher will found out. Hence, it is still best to exert your own personal effort.