Ranchman’s Grill

This year, y’all get the chance to taste a variety of southern specialties prepared by some of the best ranchmen round. Grab yer feedin’ trough and get ready to indulge in some tasty grub.

  • Making a second appearance this year are the guys from Peckinpah, and they’ll be servin’ up Dr. Pepper Rib Ends topped with red eye mayo & green onions, paired with a Southern Succotash Salad – fresh!
  • The folks at Buckstop have got BBQ nailed down, and they’re bringin’ ya’ll juicy pulled pork sandwiches with Dijon slaw and a side of pork rub seasoned potato chips, yeehaw!
  • Our pals at Enroot are bringing ya’ll a southern classic, savory beef Brisket on baked beans with a side of cornbread.
  • Also back again this year, the guys and gals at Cup-a-Corn specialize in slinging fresh, non GMO steamed corn kernels with a variety of southern flavours and fresh watermelon.



Hard day on the saddle got you thirsty? Head on over to Tippler’s Saloon for some signature southern refreshments!