Dress Code

Howdy partner. Are you ready to be part of the biggest country fest this city has ever seen?

Unbuckled is renowned as Vancouver’s ultimate backyard BBQ, combining fun games with the best in live alt-country/bluegrass bands, true southern grub, and all around good times.

If you’re looking to join the fun and be part of our hoedown, you best be sure to come to the gates sporting nothing other than the finest in true Southern style. All Unbuckled guests are encouraged to come baring their best country outfits. 

If you’re not 100% clear on what we mean, we’re talkin’ overalls, blue jeans, leather boots and heels, cowboy hats, the finest cuts in plaid finery, and big, bad, bold buckles. Here are some tips to create the ultimate Unbuckled outfit.

And don’t forget, our pals over at Rockin Cowboy will be setting up shop at Unbuckled, and they’ll be giving a 10% discount to anyone who purchases some country swag the day of! 

How to Create The Ultimate Unbuckled Outfit

Here’s how to look your best at Unbuckled 2016. Get your mits on the following items and you’ll look slicker than snot on a doorknob.


Unbuckled-9428 copy


  • Blue jeans/overalls: A classic that can’t be missed. If you can, stray away from skinny jeans and go for something with a more straight or boot cut.
  • Plaid/denim shirt: Definitive color combinations include black and red, blue and white, red and blue, green and blue. Whichever you choose, make sure you tuck it in.
  • Boots: The bigger the better. Add spurs for extra flair.


  • Leather belts.
  • Bold metal belt buckles.
  • Even bigger hats. We’re talking Stetson’s, ten-gallons, and the like.
  • Leather vests.
  • Denim or leather jackets.
  • Suspenders/bracers




  • Daisy dukes: If they’re made from an old pair of jeans, even better.
  • Overalls/blue jeans: Roll up the ankles for extra style, or cut the legs off your overalls to turn them into shorts.
  • Plaid shirts: Feel free to use the same colors as the boys. Either tuck it under your belt, tie it around your waist, or button the top and tie the bottom.
  • Boots: Chestnut brown is a really popular color for ladies cowboy boots, but anything works. Frills are also really popular.


  • Plain belts and bold buckles.
  • Brown leather handbags or totes, preferably with flat metal studs.
  • Jewellery. Look to incorporate leather, gemstones, feathers, or tassels for extra style.
  • Bandanas, either tied around your head, neck, or wrist.
  • Big hats, either made from leather or straw.

Also browse some of the below photos for a glimpse at what people wore last year to get those country juices flowing: